Everyone enjoys technology, but ours is unique. This is how it functions. It ought to be easy. Describe how simple your product is to install.

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All Textile Needs

Covered every aspect of the textile industry worldwide.

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100% Accuracy

You will get 100% accurate data while using Smart Inspector

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User Friendly

The app is extremely user-friendly because to its expert design.

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This is a dependable app that may assist you from a variety of perspectives.

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Time Saving

You can save up to 20 to 24 hours a week that could not be completed manually.

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Easy Follow ups

Save at least 2 hours a day by maintaining job records and karigar follow-ups.


This app has several features, some of which are shown below.

Fault Reports

Daily fault report
Monthly fault report
Faults by folders

Loom Reports

Looms production report
Looms Dept. wise faults
Looms Prod. Inch name

Grade Reports

Grades by code
Grades by units
Grades by loom

Cutting Reports

Cutting daily
Cutting monthly
Search grades

Packing Reports

Packing daily
Packing monthly
Search grades

Transfer Reports

Transfer daily
Transfer monthly
Search grades

App Workflow

Here is a roadmap of our product that shows the key turning points from the beginning through delivery and upcoming updates.


You can easily grasp all the facts displayed on the screen. Data that the user needs can be simply obtained. The entire system is set up so that the same dashboard displays different categories of data on several panels.


This app puts the textile market at your fingertips, making it simple to sell and buy a variety of textile materials at the greatest prices. Professionals who sell and acquire textile products like fibre, yarn, fabrics, textile machinery, dyes, chemicals, and numerous other items related to textiles will find it beneficial.

Fast logging

There are no complications when utilising Smart Inspector, which features a simple and quick login process.

First-hand digitization

No risk of data loss exists because all manual data has been digitalized.

Real time analytics

The data and graphs will all be presented in real time and automatically updated as new entries are made.

User friendly

Because of its straightforward and expert design, the Smart Inspector mobile app is very simple to use.

Swift Interface

The design of Smart Inspector is quite simple and clear, so users can comprehend it when using the app.


Because of its effectiveness, employing Smart Inspector will provide data that is 100% correct.


Your data is protected by industry-standard encryption that we use. You alone have access to it. Your data is completely secure and inaccessible to anyone.

You can print from any wireless or Internet-connected printer with the aid of Smart Inspector. Any report can be printed with a single click.

Using Smart Inspector has various advantages, including time savings and protection from losses brought on by inefficiencies.

Yes, there is a mobile application for Smart Inspector. It is accessible from anywhere, and you may use it to manage industry data.